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Your Kitchen Is The Key To A Healthy Life

Are you irritated with your kitchen? Feel like it doesn’t look great?

Those irritations and aesthetics are the easiest problems with kitchens. 


The more difficult problems revolve around using the kitchen design to make your lifestyle healthier. 


You already know a beautiful kitchen can make you feel an increase in energy and positivity, but it can also make it more likely you go for your exercise. Good kitchen design can promote better eating habits. Good kitchen design can lower mental fatigue.  

The modern living room usually has a central focus on the TV, as a result, a significant amount of time is spent watching TVs. In the same way most living rooms promotes a TV habit, with proper intent in mind, S. Donnelly Interiors can design and deliver a kitchen that makes the healthiest version of you. 

Here’s a few thoughts to get the juices flowing, but not an exhaustive list:
  • Want to drink more healthy smoothies? Let us design your kitchen to make that easy.

  • Want to eat more vegetables? Make them a focus of the kitchen. 

  • Want to get a quick, healthy bite then head off to the gym in the morning? S. Donnelly Interiors can make a kitchen that does that too!

  • Want to have nice family dinners? Don’t we all.


Whatever your intent is for your kitchen, S. Donnelly Interiors can create a design that both meets your aesthetic desires, as well as incentivizes your health goals. 

Health doesn’t stop at what you knowingly consume.

There is one more item that goes beyond the aesthetics, and your intents, and that is managing the air quality and chemicals in your kitchen. These are the invisible items, nearly unquantifiable to most people that can truly affect how we feel. Headaches, lack of focus, confusion. We often chalk these things up to having a bad day, and sometimes that’s true, but other times it is preventable. Some items to be concerned about here are:


  • VOCs

  • Particulates

  • CO2 levels

  • Humidity

  • Flame retardants and other chemicals


The modern home is closed up tightly, a result of the quest for energy efficiency. However, in our quest for lower utility costs, society overlooked something else important, air quality. Old houses used to “breathe”, while newer homes today are sealed, as a result these different air quality measures can rise to high levels if you’re not paying attention to them and they will affect your mood and your health under prolonged exposure. (Read more about indoor air quality here.


Some items of concern for these can be:


  • Brand new building materials off-gassing chemicals

  • Gas stoves putting off products of combustion that don’t get properly vented out

  • The wrong types of paint

  • New textiles like carpet or rugs

  • Even burning the wrong dish can create some issues


At S. Donnelly Interiors, we’ll work with you to ensure your kitchen is designed in a way to minimize these issues. We can even work with you to understand the levels of these items in your house today if you desire that. 


We really want you to live your healthiest life. We’re here to design and deliver that for you, today we’re offering it in the form of a kitchen.


If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, and what you just read rings true, reach out to Stephanie today, and she’ll get you setup with a plan to remodel your kitchen in a way that maximizes your health!

S.Donnelly Interiors
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