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About Us

Creating A Home

I've moved seven times in 15 years while getting settled in my life, finding my career path, and starting my family. In all that time, I was studying and working in interior design, but even while choosing my furniture and decor, the places where I lived felt more like a headquarters. A place to sleep. A place to eat. Shelter over my head. Those places didn't feel like home and that's because home isn't just a place you reside. Home is a reflection of a person.

What should a well-designed home do?

    - Give you the right energy

    - Make your hobbies easier

    - Showcase your personality

    - Be comfortable

    - Make you want to be there

There's no place like home, or at least there won't be after we're done with it. That's because home, just like your life, is a custom endeavor. It requires tailoring to fit you. You work hard and deserve that. Together, you and S. Donnelly Interiors can make it a reality instead of a dream. 

Want to learn more about our focus while designing your home? We prioritize Health, Family + Social, Energy, and Lifestyle. Click on each to learn more!

Meet The Team

Stephanie Donnelly

My inspiration for design begins with an appreciation towards traditional elements taken in a modern approach. With an attention to detail, spaces are both functional and unexpectedly beautiful. You can see work in my portfolio.

With hundreds of projects under my belt including extensive experience in kitchens, bathrooms and basements, you're in good hands. I've been working around construction since I was a child since my dad is a carpenter. Along with that I have a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Arizona State University and 10 years of professional experience as an Interior Designer. I'm also different from others in the industry because I obsess about materials, quality, less toxic chemicals wherever possible. I worry about this for my own family, so I’m happy to do it for yours.

I'd love to work on your project. Call me some time and we'll discuss it. 

Brandon is a counterpoint to Stephanie. Stephanie is worried about the design with some construction constraints. Brandon is worried about the construction with aesthetic constraints.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and a diverse background of engineering and manufacturing experience Brandon brings expertise when there are unique situations. He also designs and fabricates one-of-a-kind of items that make a room magical if there is no off-the-shelf solution. 

Brandon adds capabilities that other interior design firms just don't offer if you desire them. Things like Augmented Reality (AR) for viewing your redesigned room through an iPhone or iPad, as well as the ability to create and manufacture things like custom mirror and picture frames, custom lighting design, unique structural features and a myriad of one off situations where engineering experience comes in handy.

Together Stephanie and Brandon make a highly capable, unstoppable team that will deliver you an amazing project like you'll get nowhere else.

Brandon Donnelly
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Sarah Dashes

Sarah is our Digital Marketing Manager here at S. Donnelly Interiors and runs all marketing projects. She develops and implements the strategy and execution for all communications, website, and public relations messages to consistently articulate S. Donnelly Interior's mission.


Sarah serves as the communications lead on all S. Donnelly Interior social promotions and initiatives and enjoys working with local businesses within the community to build relationships and link people to their new favorite places. 

If you are interested in having your business featured in our monthly newsletter, guest writing for our blog, or being promoted through our social posts, reach out today! Click here to start a conversation. 

Dreams To Reality

S. Donnelly Interiors is a team and network of smart, creative people. We have access to all sorts of material vendors, contractors, product manufacturers, industrial designers, furniture makers, custom lighting companies and more. However, none of that matters if we don't start with what's important, and that's what you want your home to feel like, or what it seems like in your dreams. If you're not sure, that's okay. We're in the business of translating complex topics into specifications and then those specifications into a design and finally that design into a constructed project. We can work with you to find some styles or inspirations that resonate with you. Scope that into a design concept, then deliver that to you. We want to make magic happen for you, and we're committed to make your home feel like a dream that you get to live in. 


S. Donnelly Interiors is in the business of turning anything related to your dream home into a reality. Scroll down to contact us today and start the process of doing just that. 

See more of our home transformations here!

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