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Calm Bungalow

This refreshing kitchen design features a small footprint with a big delivery. Custom cabinetry maximizes space with floor to ceiling storage along with the built in cabinet panel fridge. Marble countertops and hexagonal wall tiling set apart this design from the rest while silver and gold accents embellish the design. 


Warm wood tones create an exotic atmosphere that transports you to a serene escape, and is perfect for the heart of a home. The butcher block island countertop is an excellent use of both space and functionality by providing both surface and cutting space. Range hoods are as unique as the individual, and this range is no exception.

As soon as you step into this kitchen, you'll feel the waves of calm and peace wash over you as this kitchen is its own private getaway.


Kitchen Remodel


Elmhurst, IL


Winter 2021

S.Donnelly Interiors
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