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Accent Ceilings That Make a Statement

Looking for a way to differentiate your home décor? Look up and you will find that the answer is right above you. The ceiling provides the perfect canvas to make a statement with paint, wallpaper, wood beams, and trim. Not only can ceiling accents visually enhance your space, they can make a large space feel cozier, give a small room a more open appearance, create a focal point, add dimension, and tie your décor together.

There are a handful of ways you can approach this. You want to decide what is going to work best for you: Paint or wallpaper? Wood beams or trim? Applied moulding or plain and smooth? Feeling overwhelmed already? Sit back and relax, because today we are taking you through all of your options while giving you tons of inspiration.


To make a small room feel larger, paint your ceiling and walls the same color. This trick extends the eye up, making your space seem more open. It also works for rooms that are asymmetrical or have vaulted or angled ceilings because it helps simplify and unify the space. For larger rooms, painting the ceiling in a darker color gives it a more intimate, cozy feel. Should you have a relatively neutral room, turn the ceiling into a focal point by adding an unexpected hue or painting stripes in contrasting or tonal shades.


A wallpapered ceiling can do wonders for a room with already busy walls, such as a dining room with large, open doorways and a lot of windows. It’s a great way to introduce more pattern and texture without a chaotic feel. The clean palette of a ceiling gives the wallpaper a chance to really make a statement of it’s own. Whether you’re adding more color to a room with neutral walls or complimenting another pattern, it’s essential to pair your wallpaper with the right paint or wall covering to really execute the design.

Wood Beams

A room with ceiling beams instantly grabs attention. Although there are many faux options on the market, nothing is more authentic than solid wood. We love ceilings that are accented with natural woods that have some of the most beautiful grains.

Adding beams to your ceiling can sometimes make it feel lower, so you need to be cautious for that effect with already low ceilings. Your designer can help you select the type of wood and beam size that best fits the look, size, and height of your room. They can also help you determine the best direction to run the beams, which can be installed flat against a painted or planked surface or bridged across vaulted ceilings. Beams can be left untouched for a warm, natural look, painted with a stain that brings out the natural pattern of the grain, a neutral shade of white, or painted the same color as the ceiling to match or complement the ceiling for a more sophisticated appearance.

Trim and Moulding

Moulding makes any space look refined and chic, it makes a subtle accent that can match a lot of styles. Ceiling molding can be used to create a variety of different looks, so you're sure to find one that suits your style. Plus, it's a great way to add some extra interest to your ceiling without spending a lot of money. It is also available in a variety of different materials, including wood, plaster, and even plastic so you can choose the material that best suits your needs. If you're not sure which material to use, wood is always a good choice because it's easy to work with and looks great when painted or stained.

When it comes adding a wow factor to your décor, the sky is the limit. Statement ceiling accents are proving to be a popular way to elevate any décor. Architectural details, dimensional features, and interesting colors once reserved for walls are making their way up, creating standout ceilings that are as impressive as they are beautiful.

From traditional designs to more modern looks, there is something for everyone with accent ceilings. These ceiling design ideas are just a few to inspire you and help get you started on your search for your home's perfect look. Are you ready to choose a style or looking for some expert advice? Start a conversation with Stephanie!

~This blog was brought to you by S. Donnelly Interiors. Learn more about the interior design project process by following Stephanie Donnelly and her interior design services in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and the surrounding areas!

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