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Beautiful Basements

One of the best things about designing your basement is the new spaces that it allows you to create. Your basement is essentially a blank canvas for extra livable space in your home that can be turned into almost anything you want. While going through the list of popular options you may use in your home, many people request home theaters for a dedicated space for watching movies with the family, a home gym for working out, a hangout or play area for kids and teenagers of all ages, a home bar, space for a pool table, and many other functional spaces.

Having the ability to consult with a designer on your home is incredibly invaluable as they can offer insight and experienced recommendations on every aspect of the room to help create the perfect space for you and your lifestyle. Things such as the layout, design, and the technical aspects of your basement can be discussed with your designer as you work together to create the best set up for your home.

Not sure where to begin? We completely understand that designing an entire floor of your home can seem like an overwhelming task and leave you wondering where to begin which is why we’re here to help every step of the way. We’ve put together some of our favorite basement designs that will have you feeling inspired and ready to design the home of your dreams by the end!

Home Theater

What makes a theater different from any other room with a TV is that it is designed to transport you into the movie world. One of the best ways to ensure this in a design is through the color scheme. Using dark colors, such as black, dark gray, or dark purple to create a theater room that captures the essence of a movie theater helps to drown out light that could interfere with your movie viewing experience.

Another way home theaters are even better than regular movie theaters is that you can be as comfortable as you want. Make the most of this freedom by adding a bed to your home theater. Not only will this allow you to get super comfy and cozy while watching your movie, but it can also double as additional bed space for your overnight guests.

Home Gym

If you love being active and working out, what’s stopping you from saving on a gym membership and working out from home? A home gym can be a great convenience. However, creating the perfect home gym design on your own to suit your personal preferences can be a challenge. The best home gym designs increase the chance of you achieving maximum workout benefits while also maintaining aesthetic properties with the rest of the house. When it comes to deciding on the best possible design for your home and lifestyle, it’s wise to consult with an expert who can show you all of your options and work together to choose what’s best for you.

Kids Play Area

Looking for basement playroom ideas to separate the kids’ space from adult space? Incorporating a kid-friendly designated play area into your basement design is a fantastic way to involve your kids in your home plans while also keeping toys confined to one part of the house. The playroom should be functional and engage and inspire your children and their friends while also being able to grow with your child. Talking to a design expert is extremely helpful when deciding on how to incorporate kids’ spaces into your home as they will help you to see the bigger picture and consider long term plans for your home design.

Teenage Hangout Space

The ways we use our homes changes as our families do. One moment you’re creating a fun play area for your kids to grow up playing, and the next you’re swapping out toys for TVs and gaming systems. Updating your basement to be a fantastic space for your teens and their friends to have a place to hangout is invaluable during the teenage years. Creating an environment that is inviting and comfortable is the perfect combination that draws people in and makes them feel welcomed. Designating a specific hangout space in your basement design for talking and playing games is sure to create many night filled with fun memories and laughter.

Home Bar

After a long day, nothing beats relaxing with a glass of wine or a well-mixed drink which is why many homeowners are taking advantage of their unused basement space to build their own home bar. An at-home bar provides an excellent space for entertaining guests or simply hanging out with the guys. No matter the occasion, a home bar is always a big hit among company and sure to create some of the best and worst drinks you’ve ever tried.

Game Room

A basement game room is a great idea for everyone. Both adults and kids can play different games and have a space to hang out with family and friends. Pool tables are a classic and fun for people of all ages. Basements are almost always a perfect space to incorporate a pool table and sure to produce good competitions. (Just be prepared to be defeated by your kids one day if you decide to incorporate one into your basement design).

These are only a few design ideas for your basement, but the possibilities are endless! You can stick to something more traditional when it comes to home design, or you can branch out and blaze your own trail through the process. Whatever you decide to do, we’re sure it will be incredible. Start a conversation today by clicking here!

~This blog was brought to you by S. Donnelly Interiors. Learn more about the interior design project process by following Stephanie Donnelly and her interior design services in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and the surrounding areas!

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