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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Black accents, Big impact

Black is most definitely back and we love it. It’s versatile, timeless, and classic and could end up being the little black dress of interiors design. We love how it enhances the colors that surround it and highlights the surrounding pieces with hints of black so that it makes a room feel bigger and brighter.

Designers typically use black accents to add punch, dimension and a modern edge to a space. It's a great way to make an impact in a room, and you don't need much to create a dramatic result, but it can easily ground a room and tie a scheme together beautifully.

Customizing With Black Cabinetry

A stylish kitchen with black cabinetry can automatically make the entire room feel so much more sophisticated and modern. If you want to highlighting your color scheme even further with a more dramatic tone, consider adding a black appliance, sink, backsplash, or even an accent wall to your kitchen as well!

Push The Envelope With A Black Accent Wall

A black feature wall is a bold, timeless yet trendy way to include accenting with black into your decor scheme. We would say black accents can be the cherry on top of a design or even the foundation. There is a lot to be said for a room with a black accent wall.

Have Fun With Furniture

Bedrooms and living rooms can be accented with black furniture, artwork, and textiles. When used against a crisp, white backdrop, black furniture and art offer an environment of contemporary glamor. Break up a monochromatic room with an unexpected pop of black, such as an upholstered chair or large piece of furniture. This will add contrast and elegance to a room and also ground it.

Accenting With Black

Adding pops of black throughout your home is a great way to ground the space and tie the whole scheme together. If you've opted for dark floors, hardware, counters, or appliances, this elevates your space even further. Consider adding anything from vases and pots to candles and picture frames to achieve a full look.

Lighting On The Dark Side

Just about every fixture can be part of the black color trend. Even your lighting can divert to the dark side. When it comes to transitional or traditional design, lighting fixtures typically come in more neutral colors. Swapping those out for something similar, but in black, is an incredibly effective way to update your decor and put a bold twist on your lighting setup.

Frame Your View

Black windows in your home will frame your views very elegantly. If you have a large picture window, treat it like an actual picture by framing it with a striking accent of black. The look will be bold enough to make the window pop but won’t overpower a striking view.

Dare to go Dark

We absolutely adore dark doors. They naturally hide dirt and like window treatments, they frame a view. Black doors also pick up other black accents in your room (such as decor mentioned above) and make everything feel cohesive. We can't recommend this enough!

Daring and decadent, black accent ideas can be difficult to get right, but once mastered, they can add an elegant confidence to your space like no other color. A black decorating scheme is a brave choice, as it requires careful editing and a strong design eye, but put together carefully, black schemes are a great way to add drama and style.

When done with intention, the black color trend can be used as a dramatic, timeless, and elegant statement or it could be considered a neutral color that brings depth and richness to your decor. It’s all about how you use it and how much of it you use. Want an expert's opinion? Start a conversation with me today!

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