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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Easy Entryway Ideas to Elevate your Space

Your home’s entryway is the first thing your guests see when they enter your home. The entrance sets the mood for the rest of your home, and therefore it’s important that it is as warm and welcoming as the rest of your home. Whether your entryway is a dedicated room or a small area scooped from an open floor plan, here are seven entryway ideas to make a grand entrance.

Add An Entryway Bench

A bench is not only an elegant addition to an entryway, but also a practical feature, allowing shoes to be taken off when coming in and put on when going out with no awkward balancing act necessary. A design raised on legs keeps the floor on show so the area feels as large as possible, but in a small entryway, it can be preferable to opt for a bench with space inside for shoes and other hallway storage essentials.

Designate a Drop Station

It’s easy to treat the entryway as the "drop station" for mail, bags, and the rest of the things you come home with. We all do it! One way to best utilize this space is to declutter your entryway by including a console table. This can easily be beautifully staged with storage or drawers in order to keep your things hidden from sight in an effort to keep things neat and clean. Even the smallest space has room for a nice accent table where you can keep your keys, drop your mail, and store accessories like umbrellas and extra tote bags.

Create a Cozy Environment

It’s no secret that we love creating warm and welcoming environments, but sometimes it can be tough to create that cozy, inviting feel. For an easy solution, use a soft, colorful rug to warm up the space! Check out some of our favorite area rugs!

Enjoy the View

A mirror is a great way to make a space appear larger while simultaneously bouncing natural light to create a light and airy feel. Mirrors can be a stylish feature as part of modern entryway ideas or more classic designs. It’s also a functional one as it allows you to give yourself a final once-over before heading out the door. Think about placement, too. In entryway Feng Shui, the mirror should not directly align with the front door.

Wow With a Statement Wall

No room should be without a statement feature of some sort, and for a smaller space like an entryway, a stylish wallpaper on a single wall is the perfect way to grab attention without taking up space. Whether you create it by using wallpaper, an accent paint color, or moulding/trim, you are sure to catch your guests eyes as soon as they walk in!

The Power of Flowers

There’s no easier way to perk up a small space than with fresh-cut flowers. Whether you’re placing a few stems in a single bud vase or arranging a large bouquet of late-summer stunners, fresh flowers are a natural and beautiful way to ensure your home smells lovely and welcoming every time you walk in the door.

Make a Statement with Art

An entryway should be decorated with as much care as other rooms. This means considering entryway wall decor and art. A standout, eye-catching design – and statement color palette – in an entryway not only tells a story, it also draws our attention and sparks wonder.

Entryways have a lot riding on them. They give guests first impressions of your home, and they are what you’re greeted with each time you return. They need to be both functional and pretty rather than merely being a place you pass through or use a drop zone. Your entryway should create a striking first impression and a warm welcome. Let us know which of these tips is your favorite in the comments below, and we can't wait to see what you incorporate into your own homes!

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