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Eye Catching Interior Design Styles

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Have you ever found yourself asking the question what are the different types of interior design styles? Maybe you want to switch up your style but can’t decide which direction to go in. There’s a style for every preference and we’re here to help you create the look that’s right for you.

There are many types of interior design, with the list ever-evolving. Some of them are trends and others are timeless classics that stand the test of time. Each style is comprised of distinctive furniture, décor, lighting, and accessories that give it its signature look. In getting to know some of the most popular styles, you’ll better understand what styles stand out to you and meet your preferences. Pay attention to which inspiration images and design elements catch your eye. Keep reading to check out these top 6 design styles and find your favorites!

Modern Interior Design Style

It can be easy to mix up the difference between modern and contemporary when it comes to design styles. In spite of their number of similarities, there are a few big signs that you’re looking at a modern interior. Modern design refers to a specific time period while contemporary design is ever-evolving. Modern interior design came on the radar in the early to mid 20th century and is a very streamlined and minimalistic style. It’s common to see bold colorful accents in art and furniture in a mostly neutral space. The furniture has clean lines with smooth, sleek surfaces. In particular metal, chrome, and glass are favorite choices among designers. However, with modern interiors, décor is kept minimal and the décor that is used is very intentional decoration such as statement or artistic touches.

Traditional Interior Design Style

When it comes to defining different interior design types one of the most well-known styles is traditional interior design. This interior design style is more elaborate and includes a lot of decoration. Ornate features embellish these designs so it's only to be expected that even the moulding in this design style can be very detailed. Traditional interiors use tables and chairs made from dark wood that is ornately detailed. Traditional design draws its inspiration from 18th & 19th Century England and France. This explains why it’s common to find expensive textiles like silk, velvet, and linen used everywhere from upholstery to window treatments. Fabrics also feature a variety of different patterns. A few popular patterns include; damask, florals, stripes, and plaids, for example. Furthermore, traditional homes also like to bring in a sense of glam with crystal chandeliers. European décor heavily influences traditional interiors. Most traditional homes have a very neutral color palette with pops of color brought in with oil paintings or floral arrangements. Above all, consistency is key so it’s common to find matching furniture sets.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian design is one of the easier interior design types to recognize. Think light, airy, and organic. Woods are almost always an ashy color along with similar light colored wood tones in Scandinavian interiors. Nordic spaces give off a relaxing and inviting vibe. Key features include white walls, large mirrors, and cozy textiles made with natural materials. Furthermore, no Scandinavian space is complete without using the Danish concept of hygge. Layered fabrics, glass furniture, clean lines, and textures create the perfect cozy look.

Coastal Interior Design Style

You don’t have to live by the beach to appreciate the coastal interior design style. Not to be confused with nautical décor, the coastal decorating style is in another league of its own. A coastal space makes note of its natural environment. This can be seen through the color palette down to the materials used for furniture and accessories. Neutrals like whites are paired with beige to mimic the sand. Additionally, pops of blues to resemble the surf and sunny summer skies. Furthermore, coastal style homes should always feel bright and breezy. The intention is to feel like there is nothing between the indoors and outdoors which keeps this design style clean and fresh. Because of this window treatments are kept to a minimum. A light sheer fabric blowing in the wind is sure to get the coastal vibe across.

You won’t find anchors and seashells scattered everywhere for this interior design style. Instead, you’ll find blue glass vases, striped wallpaper, or abstract paintings that get the coastal feeling across. When it comes to identifying furniture in coastal interiors they have a very comfortable lived in feel. Warm, natural woods or painted and distressed furniture paired with wicker or jute creates the perfect combinations. Because connecting to nature is so important with the coastal interior design style, the addition of indoor plants is a must-have. Coastal interiors can be modern or traditional in style and create a very relaxed ambiance.

Tudor Interior Design Style

A Tudor home is an English traditional design style that is both warm and comfortable. If you aren't a fan of wood, specifically dark wood, then the Tudor style is not for you. The Tudor style is immediately recognized by its use of stucco accented with dark wood rails. Heavy detailed woodwork and moulding are some of the most notable details that are featured within a Tudor design. Tudor furniture styles used to be made from local oak in a dark finish. If you're interested in more of a traditional Tudor style, you will want to incorporated authentically stained wood whereas a more modern version involves painted woods. Dark, earthy colors along with rich materials embellish all things Tudor.

Craftsman Interior Design Style

As with most interior design styles, craftsman décor is a combination of elements, colors, wood tones, tiles and metal details. Each piece adds to the basic craftsman style including stained glass and painted tiles to embellish solid, straight-lined furniture. The furniture pieces used in craftsman styles include strong, almost geometric, lines with rich wooden finishes and minimal ornamentation. Dark paneled walls and woodwork offset by off white or cream walls are the traditional styling while modern craftsman interior design styles include white or colored moulding. Craftsman décor is the warming, comforting end-result of a balance of beautiful built-in cabinetry, woodwork, natural materials, warm earth tones, natural light, and nature-inspired accent colors.

With your newfound knowledge on interior design styles and décor, you will be able to better navigate your way through finding your personal style. We'd love to know which of these styles is your favorite! This is just the beginning of all of the possibilities when it comes to designing your own home. Connect with Stephanie today to learn more about creating your personalized interior design style.

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