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Favorite Laundry and Mudroom Features

(Design by mcgeeandco)

Laundry rooms are often multi-purpose rooms where not just the laundry gets done. Some double as mudrooms, secondary entryways, pet grooming stations and storage areas. Every laundry room needs some basic elements to make it a functional, well-planned space. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite features when it comes to designing a space that is a custom fit to you and your lifestyle.

Utility Sink

Just because the purpose of this sink is laundry doesn't mean it's limited to a basic metal utility sink. Your laundry room sink can deliver equally on function and appearance, so if having a beautiful laundry room is important to you, you can choose a laundry sink that adds to the attractiveness of your space, rather than detracting from it. When selecting a type of sink, also consider how you want to use the sink and what features will contribute to its usability.

(Design by Dispozal)

Dog Washing Station

All dog owners have experienced the “it’s too late” moment. Your pup comes running through the back door after a whirl around the yard, and before you even have time to think: Should I check his feet?, the living room rug is peppered with muddy paw prints. The only logical next step is to reluctantly drag your pooch into your bathroom shower with you—and nobody’s happy about that. Luckily there is one small laundry room (or mudroom) renovation that can spare everyone the stress: building a dog washing station.

Having a dedicated grooming setup in your home sounds like a luxury, but it’s actually a practical addition that doesn’t soak up a ton of space. Simply dedicate a space to cleaning your pet, making sure to tailor the width and height of the tub to their overall size.

(Design by Domino)

Dog Food Storage

Create a built-in dog accessory storage area that’s integrated into your design along with a slide out food and water station which can be slid out of the way when not in use. A hidden toe kick drawer is both convenient and accessible!

(Design by Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry)

Hidden Litter Box

One thing we cat owners don’t completely adore is taking care of the litter box. It’s hard to find a good out-of-the-way spot for this necessity. The laundry room is a good candidate, but you’ll also want to contain odors and kicked-up litter. A fantastic solution to this problem is to instal a hidden litter box inside of a closet or cabinet. What’s so great about this project is that the VIP cat opening that leads to the hidden litter box allows the doors to conceal any appliances along with the litter box while still allowing the cat access.

Built-in Dog Crate

Pet experts will tell you that dogs need a space of their own to snuggle up and sleep in. So instead of just throwing a dog bed on the floor, why not create a space to just for your adorable pet’s?

(Design by Collins Interiors)

Hidden Trash Cabinet

An ugly trash can is an eye sore in every home and it shouldn’t spoil the look of your beautiful laundry room! Consider incorporating a hidden trash cabinet. The most popular idea for hiding a trash can is a pull out drawer. Hide your trash cans inside any cabinet you want and it will look very neat and chic.

Drying Rack

The laundry rack is among those things that we don’t give enough importance and an important element that we use on a regular basis. Drying racks allow anything that needs to be air-dried to be immediately be taken out of the dryer and hung. To make your Laundry rack as efficient as possible, choose a wall-mounted drying rack to utilize vertical storage. Go one step further by choosing an extendable drying rack design that can be integrated into your cabinetry and stored away when necessary.

(Design by Home Edit)

Ironing board

If you have a small laundry room, this laundry room storage idea should be helpful! Instead of taking up space in your laundry room by leaving it out, a simple solution for getting your ironing board out of the way when you’re not using it is to integrate it into the cabinetry or simply storing it in a cabinet.

(Design by Decor Pad)

Tall storage

An efficient laundry room should incorporate plenty of storage space. It is always beneficial to plan for plenty of cabinets for your laundry and cleaning supplies such as vacuums, mops, etc. Include lots of countertop space so you will have enough room for not only folding and sorting clothes, but also for stain removal, sewing on buttons, wrapping gifts, and opening packages and mail.

Washers & Dryers

A reliable washing machine and dryer is easily one of the most important household appliances you could own. Without a washing machine, doing laundry becomes a much more time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Today's washers and dryers are keeping pace and reflecting the important role they play in our ever-evolving, day-to-day needs.

(Design by Sinkology)

Drop Zone

Most of us don’t think much about our laundry rooms. We usually walk in and out of the house through it. Do laundry in it. Feed the animals in it. But the laundry room is the perfect place to create a “drop zone” or “family foyer” that utilizes the space in a significant way for your family.

Having an organized, functional laundry room with a dedicated space for keys, phones, laptops, and more with built in charging ports will change your family’s lives. Imagine no more chaos and clutter. Imagine a place for everything and everything in its place.

Storage Bench

A shoe rack that provides multiple shelves and hooks for storing your family's shoes, boots, and coats is one of the best ways to keep your mudroom's floor from becoming cluttered while simultaneously providing ease of access to your belongings. One of our favorite types of storage benches for mudrooms and laundry rooms includes a bench where family members can sit while pulling off muddy boots or shoes.

These are just a few of our favorite features that can be incorporated into your home's laundry and mudrooms design. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your personalized home, and we're here to make your wildest imaginations for your home become your new reality. Start a conversation with our design experts today!

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