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Incorporating Coffee into Your Home Design

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

If you’re a morning coffee drinker like myself, you’ll know how important it is to have an organized coffee bar dedicated to your daily brewing routine. Let’s look at the key factors involved in creating a well-designed coffee bar beverage station specifically for your lifestyle and home.

Function is key to a well-designed coffee bar station

When we think about the functionality of the kitchens in our homes, we think about the most rushed times, high-use areas, and if there are processes that can be simplified to make our lives easier. Grabbing your morning cup of coffee before starting your day qualifies as one of those times it’s nice to have a streamlined kitchen. With this in mind, one way to start the day in the right direction is with an organized coffee center. This can mean something as simple as locating all the coffee supplies within arm’s reach of each other, or it can mean thoughtfully considering integrated custom drawer and cabinet storage solutions.

Where should your coffee bar be placed?

Considering where in your home you’d like to place your coffee bar/beverage station is a great place to start. Your kitchen interior designer will be a great resource in helping you plan and determine an optimal location while defining your new kitchen layout.

However, your coffee bar doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen. A coffee bar can be incorporated into many other areas of your home for convenience or for entertaining. I’ve worked with many creative coffee bars incorporated all throughout the home, including entertainment rooms, living rooms, hallways, entryways, master bedrooms, home offices, etc.

If you do not have a hard-wired coffee machine or pot filler and your coffee machine has a refill tank, it’s important to consider its proximity to the nearest sink. This will be beneficial to you when it comes to cleaning equipment, dumping out excess or old coffee, and refilling your coffee machine tank. It’s also important to consider the ease of the entire process. How well can you access the refill tank? Is there enough space around it easily? For example, if a shelf above gets in the way or you find yourself frequently pulling your coffee maker to the edge of your countertop to access it, a Flat Roll-Out Shelf could be the solution to improving the flow of this process. A Flat Roll-Out Shelf is also a great option for presenting your coffee station when you’re entertaining guests and tucking it away when you want your kitchen to look clutter-free.

Having a waste bin within an easy distance of your coffee bar area will help improve the ease and speed up the process for tossing used filters, creamer cups, etc. and making sure you have an outlet nearby with enough openings for your coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee grinders, etc. is a crucial detail to creating and planning a functional coffee station.

What do you need to complete your daily coffee routine?

Analyzing what kind of supplies and taking inventory of how much of each supply you typically use and like to keep on hand is a key factor in designing a coffee station that will remain organized and functional for years to come. Assessing what tools, small appliances, and accessories you typically use to craft your favorite brews as well as including enough space for your coffee cups, thermoses, and mugs is important to determine ahead of time to help your interior designer plan exactly what kind of storage would work best for your coffee bar design.

Start designing your customized coffee bar station today!

Dedicating a space for your coffee station is guaranteed to make your mornings be brighter and run smoother. Start a conversation with Stephanie today to discuss your goals with a professional kitchen designer and she will help you plan and create a personalized coffee bar specifically for you! Click here to start your conversation.

~This blog was brought to you by S. Donnelly Interiors. Learn more about the interior design project process by following Stephanie Donnelly and her interior design services in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and the surrounding areas!


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