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Kitchen Styles - Part 1

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

When it comes to designing your home's kitchen and creating a space that suits you and your needs, it can feel overwhelming with all of the different kitchen styles to choose from. Choosing the right style that fits you and your needs is so important because it creates an environment that supports the flourishing of an atmosphere. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and a room you spend a lot of your time in. It should be a room that welcomes you in the morning and relaxes you at night. Your kitchen's style plays a major role in creating these atmospheres and sets the tone of your household. Each kitchen can have a wide range of style and interpretation, so you can customize your kitchen to fit your personal style best.

We have put together this guide to provide you with a more in depth look into each of these kitchen styles and help you discover your signature look. Keep reading to find your dream kitchen and see the many different possibilities come to life!

Country Kitchen

The country kitchen style is a clean-lined style that creates a very warm and cozy feel that always makes you feel at home. These kitchen designs are popular in style due to their warm and inviting atmosphere that creates a very comfortable environment for friends and family. The intentional building materials used in this kitchen design elevate the style with its high quality choices. However, a lot of the overall influence of the design depends on your home's pre-existing style and location. Country kitchens main function is typically to create a cozy environment that easily becomes the home's focal point. With a country-style kitchen, you welcome love, laughter, memories, and good cooking into your home for all guests to enjoy.

Some common themes that help distinguish the country kitchen style are the butcher block, white marble, and black soapstone countertops. Bead board is often common within this kitchen style, and in general there are other recognizable qualities such as shaker cabinet doors, mushroom, white, green, or blue colors throughout the design along with matte black or gold hardware. You can also find medium or light tone oak wood, dark walnut wood, stone, or brick within this kitchen style's design range. When it comes to country kitchens, there is more than just one option. This style consists of its own thread of sub-categories. Modern, English, French, low country, rustic, and farmhouse are all a few of the popular variations of the style each with their own uniqueness. (My personal favorite are modern and English.) Last but not least, artisanal and vintage looking appliances complete the look of the country kitchen style providing the perfect finishing touch.

Glam Kitchen

Who doesn't love a luxurious kitchen that makes you feel like you're a glamorous Hollywood movie star? This moody kitchen style is captivating with its striking color pallet of black and gold with white. High patterned marble or quartz is typically featured in this kitchen style as countertops or backsplash while shiny, high gloss or metallic finishes highlight the design. In addition to the glam kitchen style are sub categories such as Luxury, West Hollywood and Hollywood Regency. A occurring theme that can be seen throughout the design is clean line cabinetry, gemstone emerald, ruby, or navy accent colors, and most of all, statement lighting and pretty much statement everything although this kitchen style is not highly decorated.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen style is a highly requested style that typically has many meanings behind it. Modern style kitchens are more vague and can align or overlap with other styles but not fall into other style categories. A few variations of the modern style are Scandinavian, Italian, and minimalistic. Clean-line cabinetry and speciality features such as hidden panels are common among these designs, so it should come as no surprise material texture is key for visual interest. Black and gold with white is a signature color scheme for this kitchen style although wood tones can be incorporated and look great with black and white. High patterned marble countertop and backsplash is a striking focal point for this design as no traditional decor or elements are included in this kitchen style. However, statement lighting, furniture, and appliances make their debut.

Whichever style you choose for your home, make sure it suits you and your family's needs and provides you with exactly the environment you are striving to create in your home. It doesn't matter what anyones' opinion but yours is when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. You should be in love with the finished product and feel amazing every time you step into the heart of your home. Looking for more kitchen styles for inspiration for your home? Check out Part 2 of our kitchen styles series to learn more!

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