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Luxurious and Warm Shades of Dark Brown

Brown is often seen as solid, much like the earth, and it's a color often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. Not only does it create a calming atmosphere, but it also can provide a sense of strength and reliability.

Choosing the right colors in a room can be a daunting task. There is a lot to consider when designing a room such as the atmosphere you want to convey along with taking into account the purpose and primary functions of the room you are designing. Colors can also have a major affect on your mood and send messages to your subconscious. Below are examples of our favorite shades of brown you can incorporate into any room to add a luxurious and or warm touch to your home.

(Featured: Turkish Coffee by Sherwin Williams)

It is important to keep in mind the undertones in brown paints when choosing the right color for a room. Some shades of brown have strong hues of purple or red undertones in them that can be brought out in a combination of ways. The size of a room can have a great impact on the way a paint color shows up. Sunlight and the amount of lighting that filters naturally into a room will play a major role in the way a color shows up.

The colors listed below are all varying shades of dark brown with a light reflective value under 20. This means that the amount of light that is absorbed by these colors is significantly greater than the amount that is reflected. Choosing one of these colors and selecting a high sheen or a flat style paint will greatly change the color and give it even more of a modern, luxurious or dramatic feel.

Listed below are some of our favorite shades of brown from our favorite brands that can be incorporated into any room in your home:

Sherwin Williams -

(From left to right)

Turkish Coffee - A rich brown that embodies freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

Raisin - A mysterious forest brown that invites the adventurous in with a hint of violet.

French Roast - A sumptuous brown with a warm reminder of freshly ground coffee beans.

Black Bean - Dark and earthy with a touch of black.

Otter - A fun and playful brown that is easy to incorporate in any space.

Half-Caff - A classic brown that creates a calming environment.

Benjamin Moore -

(From left to right)

French Press - A stylish brown-black that evokes freshly roasted espresso beans.

Barista - A sumptuous dark brown with a touch of violet.

Wenge - An enigmatic ebony hue with hints of brown, black and violet.

Pine Cone - Slightly muted, this woodsy brown infuses a space with rooted sophistication.

Clinton Brown - A deep chocolate-y brown that can anchor a room.

Van Buren Brown - A deep, dignified brown that leans towards black.

Branchport Brown - A decadent brown distinguished by a touch of violet.

Stone Brown - A deep charcoal hue with just the right amount of warmth, this indispensable hue is easy to incorporate into any space.

Wood Grain Brown - A classic shade of brown that immediately sets a space at ease.

Farrow & Ball -

London Clay - A warm and charming brown, London Clay is loaded with magenta pigment for a rich, earthy hue that creates the most charismatic and elegant of rooms.

Behr -

(From left to right)

Havana Coffee - Slow roasted espresso brown with just a hint of violet.

Swiss Brown - A friendly shade of brown that is inviting to all.

Oiled Teak - An enchanting brown that has hues of red and violet.

Baronial Brown - A rich brown that evokes feelings of sophistication.

Natural Bark - A warm brown that boast undertones of red.

Cardamom Spice - A calming brown with a magical feel.

Coconut Shell - Nature's favorite shade of brown filled with warmth and light.

Antique Earth - A classic brown perfect for any occasion.

Authentic Brown - A creamy, chocolatey brown that can ground a room.

Selecting the perfect paint color is not an easy accomplishment. It involves taking into account a variety of factors such as lighting, accent colors, furniture, sunlight filtering in, and where your new color is going to go in a room. Be sure to keep in mind what's best for you and your home when choosing a paint color. What may be perfect for someone else may not be what's right for you. Trust your instincts as you know yourself best.

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