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Most Common Interior Design Problems

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I previously wrote a blog about The Process of an Interior Design Project. If you're not familiar with this it lays out what they different stages of an Interior Design Project are. Adding onto that blog, I've put together some thoughts on what are common problems that come up during each stage. By making you aware of these, S. Donnelly Interiors seeks to avoid them at all costs in your project and lead things to run as smoothly as possible.

Concept Development Problems

  1. Pinpointing your style preferences.

  2. Setting the right project requirements. Understanding your lifestyle is important to do this.

  3. Not being able to establish a budget.This chains the designer down from being able to make tradeoffs.

Detailing/Estimating and Revision Problems

  1. Not being able to locate the materials established in the concept design. This is alleviated by a knowledgable and experienced designer.

  2. Finding vendors to produce any components that may be unique to your kitchen. This is alleviated by someone familiar with custom component projects.

  3. Sticking to the budget and making appropriate tradeoffs. This can often require a bit of frankness with clients who want to keep adding to a project that is already pushing their budget.

Construction Problems

  1. Scheduling. Coordinating with the home owner, the contractors and the designers.

  2. Delivery. Dropping off the materials to keep the project moving on time.

  3. Breakage. Deliveries that show up with products that aren't in working order.

  4. Quality. Problems with work that aren't produce with the proper level of craft and skill. Tile installs that don't have nice lines and grout would be an example of this.

  5. Containment. Keeping the job site clean and tidy and prevent a remodeling project from seeping into other areas of the house.

  6. Cost. This mostly ties in with number seven if proper estimating and budgeting procedures were used.

  7. Unexpected Home Conditions. Finding mold, electrical that needs remediation or some other issue can lead to delays and costs. Generally, putting some padding into the project plan for these unexpected occurrences is a useful exercise and minimizes the deviations.

Decor Problems

  1. General styling.

  2. Budgeting.

All of these problems can be thoroughly mitigated by an organized, experienced designer who is on-board to help you. It's easy to see why you would hire an interior designer from a concept standpoint, but the value of hiring an experienced designer, like Stephanie from S. Donnelly Interiors is that they can lead you to picking the right materials and contractors that will deliver you a project on-time, on-budget that will last for years to come and that you will be thrilled about the execution on.

S. Donnelly Interiors is here to help. Call Today 847-209-1418.

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