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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Neutral Earth Tones To Keep You Grounded

Light brown is friendly, welcoming, honest, sincere and genuine. Not only does it create a welcoming atmosphere, but it also can create an environment full of possibility. Taupe is a popular dark brown/gray color that falls into the neutral color family as well along with beige which is considered practical, reliable, conservative and loyal.

Selecting the right color for a room can be an incredibly difficult task since there is a lot to consider when designing a room. A couple of things that need to be kept in mind are the atmosphere you are trying to create along with the purpose and primary function of the room that is being designed. Color can have major affects on one's mood and convey messages in your subconscious. Below are examples of our favorite neutrals and earth tones that can be incorporated into any room to add a sincere and welcoming feel to your home.

(Featured: Twilight Gray by Sherwin Williams)

It is important to keep in mind the undertones in paints when choosing the right color for a room. Some neutral and earth tone shades have strong hues of purple or green undertones in them that can be brought out in a combination of ways. The size of a room can contribute greatly to the overall impact a paint color has on a room along with the amount of natural lighting that filters peacefully into a room. These are just a few of the many factors that will play a major role in the way a color looks in your home.

The colors listed below are all varying shades of light brown, grays, taupes, mushroom, and beiges. This means that the amount of light that is absorbed and reflected by these colors varies greatly depending on how dark or light the color is.

Listed below are some of our favorite shades of neutral paint colors from our favorite brands that can be incorporated into any room of your home:

Sherwin Williams -

(From left to right)

Twilight Gray - A mid-tone neutral with warm gray undertones.

Morris Room Gray - A beloved gray with just the right touch of warmth.

Threshold Taupe - An agreeable taupe hue that works well with both warm and cool color schemes.

Tony Taupe - A unique neutral with earthy brown undertones.

Shiitake - A pared back taupe.

Tavern Taupe - A quiet grey brown.

Spalding Gray - Smoky brown undertones soften this deep, woodsy neutral.

Chatura Gray - A rich, warm taupe that goes beyond basic gray.

Mega Greige - A cool brown with the slightest hint of a mossy undertone.

Truly Taupe - A rich medium gray with a trace of violet undertones.

Sandbar - An iconic neutral that provides a versatile bridge between warm and cool tones.

Stone Lion - A stony grey green.

Benjamin Moore -

(From left to right)

Alexandria Beige - A goes-with-anything taupe with nuanced warm and cool undertones.

Kingsport Gray - A versatile taupe that delivers understated drama.

Berkshire Beige - Grounded with a hint of green, this taupe hue offers a subtle nod to the outdoors.

Hot Spring Stones - With its rosy taupe cast, this effortless neutral brings just a blush of color to the space.

Pismo Dunes - A deep stone gray warmed by soft green undertones.

Ticonderoga Taupe - A smoky taupe sharpened with a drop of violet.

Grége Avenue - A warm gray deepened with a touch of violet, this nuanced neutral conjures a quaint cobblestone street after a spring rain.

Cabot Trail - A moody charcoal gray grounded with moss green undertones.

Dellwood San - A rich, sandy hue gently cooled by violet-gray undertones.

Farrow & Ball -

(From left to right)

Stony Ground - A classic stone.

London Stone - A warm and timeless brown.

Jitney - A relaxed brown based neutral.

Selecting the perfect paint color is a difficult task. It involves taking into account a multitude of factors such as lighting, accent colors, furniture, sunlight filtering in, and where your new color is going to go in a room. Be sure to keep in mind what's best for you and your home when choosing a paint color. What may be perfect for someone else may not be what's right for you. Trust your instincts as you decide what is best for your goals.

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