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Our Favorite Cabinet Colors

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


White is a timeless classic that withstands the test of time. A great thing about the bright contrast is that it can be used to light up any room and brighten spaces giving them the appearance of larger area. This is especially useful for small spaces and dimly lit rooms. Rooms that are flooded with natural light come alive as sunlight pours into the room filling the space with reflections of daylight. White is a fantastic color choice as it can be seamlessly paired with about every combination imaginable and creates a clean, minimalistic look in any home.


The new neutral shades currently taking over the kitchen world are mushroom paints. This earthy color scheme is everywhere. Mushroom is even surpassing the timeless classic white kitchen and resulting in a warmer, cozier version of neutral. The great thing about this new look is that it can be paired just as easily with marble, natural wood, exposed brick, or raw brass accents as well as many others.


Cream although close in color to white, sets a warmer tone and creates a cozy atmosphere. The warmth of cream colors can transform a stark room into a place that feels like home. Similarly to white, bright cream colors can be used to brighten any room and give the appearance of larger area. Cream is a fantastic color option if you're looking for something a little cozier than white, but not quite set on mushroom tones. It can easily be paired with many accent colors and creates a very welcoming environment.

Light Grey

Another color favorite is the ever popular grey that's been taking over kitchens and interiors everywhere for years. Grey is a very modern color choice that can range anywhere from the slightest hint of grey to the deepest tones possible. This makes grey a very appealing color choice as one can customize it with hues of every color imaginable in order to personalize the room. Grey can also come in both warm and cool tones which expands the options for every other category of interior design. It is a very fluid color choice that is not at all constricting and therefore an easy color to choose.


If you're looking for more natural color options, you can't be steered wrong with walnut. This cabinet choice is one of our favorite as one has both the color selection as well as the natural beauty of the wood. Walnut can come in many different shades ranging from light to dark and never taking away from the beauty of the natural element. If you are looking for a way to incorporate a little bit more of a rustic feel to your home while still keeping it modern, walnut is a fantastic color option for your home.

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