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Stephanie's Interior Design Secrets

We all deserve to live in a beautiful, functional space. A space that reflects your personal lifestyle, interests, and passions that is true to our individual aesthetics. Our home should be our own little safe haven and an escape from the rest of the world. The question is, how do you achieve all of this and really capture that ‘wow factor’?

Now, this would be the obvious place to mention hiring an interior designer. A expert who is experienced in this field who is dedicated to helping you achieve that is mentioned above. Interior designers help to elevate your vision while working towards your goals and objectives with an excellent eye, extensive industry contacts, and exciting, original ideas that will inspire you. However, this post is all about best kept interior design secrets that will help you in achieving your goals. Keep reading to learn five of my best kept interior design secrets!

Mix Old with New

Statement furniture pieces are a timeless design trick that can completely transform a space. Try mixing a modern sofa with an antique coffee table for a curated feel. Old items can be anything from vintage found at flea market or antique store, or family heirlooms that are special to you. No matter what combination of furniture you choose, make sure there is a variety of new and old pieces alike. Most importantly, your furniture should be comfortable and functional, but your furniture also offers a great opportunity to make an impactful design statement.

Play with Texture

If you are looking to achieve that ‘interior designed’ look, variation is key. Think about incorporating a number of textures and finishes into your space which helps create depth and interest. Texture is an excellent tool that interior designers use to add dimension to an otherwise flat area. You can play with texture in your own home by using different fabrics, tiles, patterns, shapes, and materials to make a room more dynamic. This will help you achieve a layered finish, which is something interior designers work hard to achieve.

Add an Accent Wall

This decorative feature adds character and texture to any home and is only growing in popularity. Even better, this is a simple way to enhance your home and create an expensive look for a fraction of the price. Tongue and groove panels make rustic schemes warm and cosy while framed and mid-height styles suit traditional looks and create a refined finish. Paint the panels in bold or muted color for a modern yet simple look!

Mix Patterns

Combining different patterns in the same room can be tricky, but a good tip is to use varying patterns in similar colors, or the same pattern but in varying scales. Changing the scale of the pattern is a great way to provide visual interest as does keeping a similar color to coordinate. For example, try small florals mixed with big blossoms, or go for geometric shapes in different colors.

Ground Yourself with Black

Most rooms need an element that has black in it as this works to ad a touch of masculine to the room and really grounds the space. This doesn't have to be something big, something small can still be effective as long as the item fits into the style of room. There is a misconception that black makes things look closed in and dreary, but this is only one side to the story. Interior designers frequently use the color black as an accent because it can actually enlarge the feeling of space by placing the darkest tone on an area you want to 'push back'. The key is to use the bold shade sparingly in order to ground a room while still tying the theme together. When used against a white backdrop and used in repetition, the overall contrast adds a striking punch and creates an undoubtedly chic look.

Final Thoughts

While its easy to get caught up in trends that are new and exciting and seemingly everywhere, it is important to think long term and keep in mind that they may not be in style in a year from now. Financially, it is best to stick to timeless styles you love and then add in the more trendy, smaller items that are easily replaceable. This is a great way to enjoy the trends that you love without breaking the bank, and you won't feel guilty about switching them out. When it comes to high dollar items, it is best to stick to neutrals that will blend into another style seamlessly. This may be difficult, but finding that balance is important.

What is your favorite interior design secret? Did we miss one that you think would be great to include? Let us know your best tips and secrets when it comes to interior design below!

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