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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Why you need an interior design budget.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

An interior design project is a unique endeavor. Not unique in the meaning that no one ever does home improvement projects, but unique in that the design of your home, the materials of your choosing, the lifestyle your family has and so many other items come together in a way that is entirely unique to your project.

Hiring an interior designer is generally done for two reasons:

  1. People are too busy. They've wanted a project done, but haven't been able to find the time.

  2. They want an interesting, well-designed space that comes out cohesive.

Many times it's both of these items together. Here's three reasons why you need an interior design budget:

  1. It gives the designer something to constrain their work. Constraints may seem limiting, but they are actually what breeds creativity.

  2. It allows for trade-offs. The designer isn't delivering you a bunch of lights, a bunch of chairs, a bunch of decor, and some paint on the walls. The designer is delivering you a room and a feeling. You may have personal beliefs on how much a chair or mirror or light should cost, and it may hold you back from the "interior design magic" that a professional has.

  3. With a budget in place, the designer can make some trade-offs without needing as much input. Every saved conversation is saved money since their time is billable too.

When a designer asks you how much you're looking to spend, there is often a feeling they are trying to bill as much as possible. The reality is that without it, the room design is unconstrained, they become dependent on the owner for nearly every decision and can't make the magic happen that makes clients happy.

S. Donnelly Interiors wants happy clients. So we start by talking budgets early, not later. If you're interested in improving your home, give us a call today. 847-209-1418. Ask for Stephanie.


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