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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Winter Activities to Remember

For us, there’s just something so magical about the winter season. A layer of snow blankets the streets, icicles hang from roofs, and we can’t help but cozy up to the fire with a warm cup of cocoa. For some of us though, winter means frigid weather, wet socks, and gloomy days. But, fear not! Winter doesn’t have to be your most dreaded season! From stay-at-home activities to frosty snow adventures, these 10 fun activities are sure to keep your spirit warm all winter long.

Things to do Outdoors

Build a Snowman

When was the last time you went outside and actually played in the snow? You’ll feel like a kid again as you work together to create the world’s best snowman. Don’t forget to dress him up with a hat, scarf, and a carrot nose! Afterwards, head back inside for a well-deserved cup of cocoa.

Go Snowmobiling

Climb aboard a high-powered snowmobile and get ready to zip, zoom, and tear through the snow! Perfect for anyone looking to get out of the house, snowmobiling is a thrilling way to explore new places. Tackle rolling hills, ride through the forest, or discover a winter wonderland!

Have a Sledding Race

Nothing takes you back to those childhood snow days like sledding down a neighborhood hill. Young or old, all can take advantage of the snow-covered landscape and head out with a sled in tow. Sledding can be enjoyed almost anywhere, so get out there and have a blast while you race to make it down the hill the fastest.

Try not to fall Ice Skating

Sometimes you want to embrace the cold weather by surrounding yourself with winter-specific activities. Ice Skating is great for this. It also gives you and the family a great form of exercise to make up for the hibernation you may be indulging in for most of the winter. The kids get to burn off some energy and learn a fun skill at the same time. This is one of our favorite classic outdoor winter activities kids will love. This is such a fun experience for a family and it sure to get you laughing too as you all slide around on the ice!

Look at Holiday Lights

Put on a cozy hat, fill up a thermos with cocoa, and head outside for an amazing illuminated walk! You’ll feel merry and bright as you walk past brilliant displays of rainbow-colored lights. Explore your own neighborhood or discover the magic of a professional light display.

Things to do Indoors

Try an Escape Room

Not every winter adventure has to be in the great outdoors. Gather your crew and step inside a state-of-the-art (and warm) escape room! Featuring tons of exciting themes, these immersive challenges will put your critical thinking skills to the test. Uncover clues, solve riddles, and see if you can escape in 60 minutes or less!

Test Your Skills at Game Night

There's nothing like gathering your friends and family together for a friendly day of competition. A snowy day is perfect for an all day board game event. Choose games like Monopoly, Risk, LIFE, or Pictionary to play games you might not be inclined to pull out unless you really have the time, or choose a mix of your favorite games for a day filled with friendly competition, laughter, and memories that will keep you warm all winter long.

Cozy Up for Movie Night

This is one of our favorite activities to do when it’s snowing! Find your favorite blanket, close your curtains, and choose one of your favorite movies! Watch a familiar classic or pick something entirely new. As countless snowflakes fall gracefully from the sky, you’ll be comfy and warm inside while you're all snuggled up. A hot cup of cocoa is also a must!

Stay Inside and Bake

You can wear your favorite PJs for this one! Preheat your oven and spend the day making delicious sugar cookies or try your hand at baking bread. If you’re feeling extra creative, consider creating your own homemade gingerbread house! Using candy and icing, design a beautiful (and tasty!) wintery scene.

Have a Spa Day

There’s no better way to fight off the winter blues than with a relaxing spa day! Indulge in a warm bubble bath at home or treat yourself to a professional spa session. Forget the cold weather and clear your mind inside an infrared sauna. Or, feel all of your stress melt away with a hot stone massage.

We hope you enjoy these winter activities and get outside for some exercise, fresh air, and fun! Winter can be a wonderful time to see the world in a different light. So cozy up inside, or bundle up and get out there to enjoy these winter activities people of all ages will love! Just be sure to enjoy some hot beverages, soups, and blankets along the way along with some relaxing as a family. What are some of your favorite outdoor winter activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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