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Bedroom Colors & Accent Walls

Putting together the perfect bedroom design requires intentional curation. Every bedroom remodel starts with color scheme selection. In order to develop a professional looking interior, all parts of the room need to have harmony. Wall and flooring colors are two of the biggest influences on your bedrooms design, but even the smallest details down to the art and bedding should complement each other.

The goal is to have everything from the walls, floors, window treatments, lighting, linens, furniture, and decor all seamlessly integrated into the overall design. There are many factors that help determine which style best suits your space and the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. The size of the room and height of the ceiling both help to determine the wall colors. Sometimes small bedrooms can handle a darker shade to make the space feel extra cozy while bright and airy color schemes can create more of a luxurious type of feeling. Creating a Pinterest worthy look takes time and attention to detail, but it is definitely worth the effort. We've put together a few of our favorite bedroom design ideas for stylish inspiration to get you started!

Calming Shades

One of our favorite bedroom designs is creating a calming environment to set your mind at ease upon entering. Shades of blues and greens are best for calming effects and can be light or dark depending on your style preference. Slate blue may seem like an intimidating color choice for your bedroom walls, but as you can see it’s ideal for large spaces. A bright white ceiling and crown molding ensure that the room still makes good use of natural light. White bedding and accents keep this interior looking inviting and spacious while also off-setting the darker contrasts. Check out more of our calm and relaxing shades of blue!

Dark Shades

Deep coloring and cozy atmospheres are perfect for spaces you want to be able to decompress in. This bedroom design is brought to life with dark blues, dark greens, dark shades of mahogany, and the classic black. All of these colors will create a dark room that allows you to decompress after a long day. If you want a bedroom that’s both bold and beautiful, then this is the decorating scheme for you. This dark teal wall draws the eye while soothing the mind while the dusty rose colored art, bedding, rug, and decor offer a soft contrast that’s both romantic and beautiful.

Neutral Earth Tones

One of the most sought after and timeless designs is the neutral aesthetic. Neutrals and earth tones such as taupes, mushrooms, and warm whites, all add interest to a room and create a comforting space that feels like home. Who would think nude bedroom color scheme ideas could be so elegant? Create a finished look while adding a level of sophistication to your space by add moulding to the walls. The understated nude-based palette of this bedroom allows for more dramatic choices in other areas. Taupe and champagne look especially luxurious in fabrics such as satins and silks. By contrast, accents of winter white practically glow. We even have a list of neutral earth tones to keep you grounded!

Moulding Details

Do you want something that gives dimension to flat walls? Wall moulding is a perfect solution for you. This detail is typically used to create an accent wall over the bed and looks especially beautiful with upholstered panels used as a headboard. One thing to keep in mind while using wall moulding is to make sure that the color of the moulding is identical to the wall. This will highlight the entire design. We've found that square and rectangular picture frame molding looks best in the bedroom, but feel free to experiment to find what matches your style best!

Board & Batten Details

If you’re looking for board and batten wall ideas, we have the bedroom design for you. This pretty detail adds character and personality to any space and creates a very artistic look. One approach to using board and batten is to add it to one single bedroom wall to create an accent wall which can double as a headboard. Painting the accent wall in a dramatic color creates a cozy atmosphere where you can simply decompress.

Another popular approach is adding board and batten to the entire bedroom. This white board and batten feature wall provides such a fresh look. The white on white look is fresh and clean in a bedroom, with white drywall on the other sides.

Tongue & Groove Elements

Tongue and groove paneling (shiplap), laid horizontally, has such a unique effect. When it is done horizontally, it doesn’t have a cottage-style look about it and instead can look very modern. Paint your textured wall the same shade as the other walls to create a very clean, subtle look, or make it stand out by painting it its own shade that stands out in a dramatic yet sophisticated way.

Wood Paneling Pieces

Bedroom wall paneling is a great way to add interest and texture to your room. We highly recommend making wood selections for your space that are kept in a wood tone in order to preserve the warmth and luxury that wood paneling gives provides in a room. Paneling has been growing in popularity for many reasons. Modern houses often lack the beautiful, decorative features of period properties. wood anchors a room and brings more of an earthy, grounding feel to the atmosphere.

Wallpaper Possibilities

Wallpaper can be a lot of things, but there is no denying that it packs a punch in any room it's in. From bold and modern to traditional and neutral, wallpaper can take on so many different forms, and it always adds endless texture and depth to your space. One of our favorite textured wallpapers is grasscloth which comes in a variety of colors to fit your style. We also love wallpaper murals in bedrooms that act as headboard accent walls. Choose anything from graphic, patterned, and geometric wallpapers to best fit your style!

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