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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Bedrooms: When to Splurge and Save

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

When it comes to home decor, we instinctively tend to focus our budget in areas of the home that guests will frequent, including the kitchen, dining room and living room. But considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, creating restful and functional bedrooms shouldn’t be an afterthought. Our bedrooms should be somewhere we look forward to spending long periods of time in, but it can be hard deciding where to save and what to splurge on to help transform it into a cozy retreat. Read on to discover what bedroom pieces we would save and splurge on.

Splurge on:

A Mattress

Of all the pieces in your bedroom, your mattress is the one most worthy of a splurge. Even though you can’t see it under your sheets and blankets, your mattress plays a major role in your physical comfort. Avoid painful mornings by finding a mattress that offers good support and won’t leave you with an aching back. An ultra-thick mattress is sure to help you fall fast asleep.

Bed Pillows

Much like a high-quality mattress, investing in a supportive and comfortable pillow is beneficial to your health. Whether you prefer memory foam, down, polyester or another fill, there are plenty of options available for you to choose between, so be sure to do your research and find the one that will give you the best night’s sleep.

Sheets and Bed Linens

Nothing says relaxation after a long day than cozy hotel like bedding that will last a long time. Bed sheets made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, are worth the higher price tag because of their softness and breathability. Be sure to consider both design and durability when choosing your bed sheets. Good quality sheets typically range between 200 and 800 thread count. Sheets are one element of bedrooms that you can switch in and out with the changing of the seasons, and bed linens are a great way to boost your room’s visual appeal. Read more about how to choose the best sheets custom to you here!

Window Shades and Drapery

If you love waking up on your own schedule instead of the sun's, blackout curtains are an investment that you will enjoy every morning. Depending on which way your bedroom faces, blackout drapes are a great way to control the amount of light in your bedroom and are worth the investment. Do you not like the curtain look? You can also buy custom sized blackout roman or blackout matchstick shades and curtain panels depending on your style. Don't forget about the hardware if you decide to go with curtain panels! Check out luxurious curtain options for your home here.

An Area Rug

An area rug adds an extra element of coziness to a bedroom, helps protect flooring, and acts as an acoustical sound barrier, making it worth the investment. A rug in a bedroom isn’t swapped often, so it’s worth splurging on one that won’t wear out quickly. Go for something soft like wool as this retains it's quality over time. Wool is also very cleanable and can be either spot or professionally cleaned. Vintage area rugs can add character to a room as well! Just don't forget a rug pad for your area rug's longevity. Read more here.


Using mirrors in your home do more than simply allowing you to check how you look before leaving home. Mirrors reflect light from windows and help lighten up a dark room, they make rooms feel larger by expanding the visual space, and big mirrors make a great conversation piece. A quality new or vintage mirror is usually splurge, but it's well worth its price!

Save on:

A Headboard

While your headboard may be attached to the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom, it’s often covered by piles of throw pillows, meaning it isn’t worth spending hundreds or even thousands on. It's the most used piece of furniture in a bedroom, and you definitely want it to last, but you can buy used, high quality headboard without having to break the bank. Headboards are often a great opportunity for a crafty DIY such as covering a headboard frame in linen or cotton which makes for a stylish and budget-friendly alternative. Just don't cheap out on this as it's also usually a focal point of the room.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are a great way to add personality to your bedroom, but there’s no need to direct your budget towards ones that are overly expensive. Throw pillows come in almost any color, pattern, or material, so it shouldn’t be hard finding ones that are affordable and well-suited to your space. Switch them up periodically to keep your bedroom feeling fresh and current.

Accent Lighting

Additional lighting (e.g. chandelier, lamps, wall sconces) in the bedroom is a great way to boost the ambience of the room and control the amount of light if the room is shared. Much like accent pillows, attractive lamps and sconces come in many sizes, styles and materials, so finding ones that suit your space shouldn’t be difficult. Our favorite accent lighting is artist crafted as those are usually high quality lights at great prices.


Artwork doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective, especially in a bedroom. Whether hanging a large statement piece, a collection of photos or a combination of the two, use artwork to help tie the room together. There are great options at all price points that look high end. Reframe a second hand or vintage piece for a modern look, frame pretty scarves or other decor/sentimental items that fit in a frame for a personalized look, or support an artist by investing in one of their prints for a good way to save!

Bedside Tables or Nightstands

Nightstands are essential to a bedroom’s functionality, but there’s no need to blow your budget on them. No matter what shape, size or style you’re after, there are nightstands to suit every budget. Focus more on ensuring that they’re in good condition, slide easily, and close properly. Nightstands can easily be jazzed up with an impressive vignette or by replacing the knobs. You can find great quality and stylish second hand items without having to pay new prices for the same quality.

Above all else, your bedroom should be comfortable and speak to your personal tastes. No matter what you choose to save or splurge on, be sure to purchase pieces that spark joy and have pride of place in your space. For more design inspiration, including where to save and what to splurge on for your living room, click here.

Did any of our tips on what to splurge and save on for bedrooms surprise you? Which recommendation was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Did you miss out on reading the introduction to this series? Go back and read it now!

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