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Timeless Kitchen Color Schemes

Without a doubt, the kitchen, small or large, is the heart of every home. Although they were solely for cooking in the past, that is not the case anymore. Kitchens are now also for living, and great memories live there. That’s why putting thought into picking kitchen color schemes is essential.

Your kitchen's color scheme largely depends on your own personal style and the feeling you want to create in the atmosphere of the space. Whether you want your kitchen to be warm and inviting, bright and energizing, sleek and sophisticated, or any of the many other styles to choose from, there is a beautiful kitchen design just waiting to be brought to life that is custom to you.

Kitchen remodels tend to happen every 15 to 20 years, so it is very important to create a space that is both "in style" as well as timeless. One thing to avoid is trendy styles that can't be easily switched around. You can certainly add in "what's trending" by incorporating smaller decorative pieces that can be updated for a low cost, but flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and appliances are the more expensive items to make sure are timeless.

Below are some ideas of color schemes that can bring some vibrancy while completing the aesthetic of the kitchen’s design.

Shades of Green

Make an earthy statement in your kitchen design with a deep green color palette. Dark green color schemes have been growing in popularity, and they are here to stay. Sometimes a kitchen color scheme aims to give a soothing effect rather than stir up emotions, and that is exactly what these shades of green do. You can use soft greens throughout your kitchen due to their non-overwhelming and fresh look, and easily pair them with wood tones incorporated throughout your kitchen such as wood floors, islands, and accent features. The light-stained island and hardwood flooring add a nice, natural contrast to the main green features of the kitchen. Check out some of our favorite shades of green!

Shades of White

White is the original classic kitchen design color scheme and for good reason. White is a classic kitchen color scheme that is always in style and this look isn't going out of style anytime soon. The fresh, clean and crisp look of an all white kitchen is bright and energizing which makes it a perfect way to start your day. This kitchen features white everything: white island, countertop, cabinets, and backsplash. It’s light, crisp, clean, and functional with simple cabinets to tie the entire look together.

Shades of Blue

Blue is an excellent color scheme for kitchens, but the shade depends on the kitchen size. For a smaller kitchen, lighter blues work better, while darker shades look excellent in spacious kitchens. Besides the kitchen size, the light level also determines which shade of blue one should pick. One great thing about choosing shades of blue is that most colors compliment blue perfectly.

One of our favorite shades of blue to use in a kitchen is a deep navy that is almost a black-blue. We love this color paired with gold accents as it create such a soothing and calming atmosphere. Gold is an organic metal mined from the earth, making it an excellent choice for brightening nature-inspired color schemes. It is always a good idea to pair metallic gold with deep-tone colors, such as blue. If you are worried about your kitchen looking too dark, add some white into the mix to brighten the room. You can get creative and even use gold lighting to really make the blue ‘pop’. Since the color is traditional and timeless, your kitchen cabinets will look elegant for years to come.

Here is a list of some of our favorite shades of blue to get you started!

Shades of Black

Classic color schemes are always in style! Black is an excellent choice because it brings timeless style while also creating a space that is sophisticated. If you have enough natural light inside your kitchen or don’t care much about the interior brightness, pure black gives you what you are looking for. It feels modern, prestigious, and relaxing. It’s also a good idea to have shiny finishes for this color scheme so that the reflection can give the kitchen the much-needed pop. We love using black and gold in a kitchen design because it infuses the modern and sleek elements with a flash of color that creates a grounding affect that really anchors the entire design by bringing it all together.

You can combine black kitchen cabinets with light colors from gold to white and create a brand new look in your kitchen. If blended correctly, a black and white scheme is a timeless classic that can do magic in traditional and modern kitchens. However, it’s not the most straightforward color scheme to use well. For instance, a black and white kitchen without warming elements like wood or gold accents might appear too bulky. Therefore, the best thing to do with this color would be to look for a third shade that will catch the eye.

Shades of Mushroom

Meet the new neutral taking over the kitchen world and our Pinterest feeds. Forget grey, it’s all about Mushroom paint. Mushroom is even surpassing the longstanding classic white kitchen and the result is a warmer, cozier version of neutral that can also pair well with green. We especially love this look paired with classic marble, natural wood tones, matte black accents, or gold accents.

Warm taupes and greige are included within the mushroom color pallet. This color scheme offers unparalleled flexibility with basic neutral cabinets and light colored accents. Taupe means a little bit of color, which is never overwhelming. Taupe is a great alternative for those who desire to have a light color without getting bored with the typical white kitchen. White has long been a constant color in interiors, especially kitchens and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s just getting a warm-up with an earthy, beige infusion. We call it mushroom and its color wheel leans towards putty hues ranging from barely there to a deep greige. You can easily create your own classic kitchen by incorporating one of these colors into your design plan along with neutrals like off-white or soft grey. Here are some of our favorite cabinet colors including mushroom colored cabinetry.

Picking a kitchen’s color scheme is no easy task, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your perfect fit. The next time you renovate, consider exploring these exciting color schemes. Want to see more ideas for your space? Find out more from our experienced designer, Stephanie, at S. Donnelly Interiors today!

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