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  • Stephanie Donnelly

Small Bathrooms, Big Inspiration

Small bathrooms can feel limiting when it comes to interior design, but all it takes is clever strategy to make that small bathroom feel bigger. A bathroom is where you truly unwind. It is the place where you are able to take hot bubble baths, soothing hot showers, and cleanse yourself of the dirt and grime of the everyday world. Bathrooms are supremely important, and as your main spaces designated for relaxation, it should be tastefully decorated in materials, colors, textures, and designs that are a reflection of you, your individuality, and your lifestyle. Your bathrooms should serve as a place of inspiration and happiness and bring out happy feelings from within.

Whether your style is sleek modern styling or rustic farmhouse details, there is a bathroom design style perfect for you and your needs that you are sure to love and adore. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to help you create a bathroom space that makes a statement and provides you with more breathing room.

Going Bold

Small bathrooms, such as powder rooms, typically have a lot of empty wall space, so don't be afraid of doing something bold for an impactful design. Light and airy designs are a very popular small bathroom design option since light colors are typically viewed as a great option to make a room appear larger. Don't be too quick to limit yourself to light colors just because your bathroom has a small footprint though. While dark colors usually make a room appear smaller, they actually can have quite the opposite affect as they can take the focus off the bathroom's size and onto far more interesting design elements. You can make your small space appear larger by leaning into the design elements of your bathroom to give the impression "Wow! You can get all of this in here?", or you can lean into the size instead and make it cozy.

Making a Statement

You might be thinking you need to have the daintiest of designs in a tiny space, but a big bold print can transform your powder room for the best! It may seem opposite to you, but we'll let you in on a best kept interior design secret... A pattern gives the illusion of height (high ceilings) and make the room feel more high end. Some of our favorite ways to transform a bathroom are by adding bold floral, statement, or graphic wallpaper. Choose any color that best suits your style preference!

Dark and Cozy

Dark, moody colors such as navy, dark green, emerald, dark green/blue, and black painted with a high gloss finish or matte are a few of our favorite colors to use while creating a dark space in a bold and beautiful way. You can even add some warmth to a dark bathroom style by using shades of burgundy with brown undertones. Although it's not dark, using sage gray-greens in a small bathroom space still gives a cozy feel without feeling claustrophobic. Check out our favorite shades of sage for inspiration! Consider using deeper shades of blue, brown, gray and wood tones for a richer look.

Light and Airy

One of the most popular small bathroom styles is light and airy. This style is popular due to the illusion light colors can achieve making a space look bigger. With a focus on natural materials and colors such as warm white and mushroom, a small bathroom can feel more open and spacious. Light and airy bathrooms can lean more towards a traditional or contemporary style, and they can also fall somewhere in between. The important thing is to keep the mood relaxed and breezy. Check out more of our favorite colors here!

Play with Textures

While working with small spaces, one thing to incorporate to make the room pop is by adding dimension in any way you can. One of the easiest ways to do this is with textures. Moulding and trim are two fantastic options for dimensional texture. Paint them the same color as the walls for a modern and clean look, even if it's traditional or heavy moulding style, or make them stand out by painting them a different shade.

Consider adding grasscloth wallpaper to give the walls texture or incorporate more of a texture neutral such as lime wash paint. Check out some of our favorite earth tones for more color inspiration!

Glitz and Glamor

Everyone has been to that one bathroom where everything is glamorous and makes you not want to leave. Why not make your own bathroom a space that allows you to escape from the rest of the world and into a world of your own? Incorporate dark tiles against white and charcoal shades for a dramatic effect and a hotel-style glamorous vibe, or add high end accents to create a very designer "boutique" look. Looking for some luxurious colors to add to your space? Check out a few of our favorite shades!

Whether you’re tackling a bathroom remodel with the help of a designer or on your own, knowing tips and tricks of the trade along with what your personal style is can be a big help. Are you wanting to transform your bathroom but don't know where to begin? Start a conversation with Stephanie today!

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