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  • Stephanie Donnelly

The Power of Intentions in Fitness

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The new year marks the beginning of a fresh start and a time to set goals for the year. Now that we’ve rung in the beginning of 2022, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and with it comes the rush of people flooding the gyms to try to keep up with the goals that they’ve set for themselves. So many people set high expectations for losing weight, gaining muscle, bulking up, slimming down, exercising for the health benefits, and even going to the gym simply to build mental discipline. However, many people set unreasonable expectations and goals for themselves and try to completely change their entire lifestyle all at once and end up falling off track and quitting shortly into the new year. They start off the year with great intentions but quickly end up reverting to their old ways. So, what makes this so common among individuals?

Let’s talk about goal setting. A lot of times we wait to set new goals for ourselves until there’s a significant starting date. For example, we can set new goals for ourselves and begin implementing changes into our lives at any moment, and yet we choose to put off starting until “tomorrow” or wait until the beginning of the new week and even the new year sometimes. We have the ability to change our lives at any given moment simply by making a decision to live a healthier lifestyle and take the proper actions to actually make a change, but more often than not we don’t make those decisions.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many individuals face this same struggle daily with more aspects of their lives than simply fitness. Oftentimes we think we must change everything about ourselves and our lifestyles all at once which is nearly impossible to successfully maintain. Instead of trying to completely change part of your identity or way of living, why not focus on improving 1% every day?

When you focus on doing one thing every day to improve your lifestyle, health, fitness, or any aspect of your life, you have a much higher success rate at implementing and maintaining those changes in the long run. Small changes that impact our daily lives and improve our health and wellbeing are much more likely to last when they are implemented in a way that doesn’t disrupt or drastically change our entire lifestyle or identity.

Instead of setting unrealistic goals or resolutions for yourself, if you were to make it a point to simply improve yourself and your lifestyle by 1% per day, you will have improved a total of 365% by the end of the year. Imagine the possibilities of what your life could look like in a year if you were to implement this 1% change every day. Not only will you likely have achieved more than you originally planned, but you also will have been able to consistently maintain the improvements that were made.

This year we’re challenging you set your intentions behind your goals and resolutions for consistent changes that will improve both your health and wellbeing. Physical fitness is a fantastic priority that not only challenges you physically but also challenges you mentally by building discipline. To learn more about implementing fitness into our routines this year, we reached out to the professionals and connected with Katelyn, the owner of Rise Fitness in Glen Ellyn.

"Thanks for allowing me to be a guest poster here at S. Donnelly Interiors! As owner and instructor at Rise, I am constantly amazed at the men and women who prioritize the one home they live in their entire lives - their bodies. It’s not easy to consistently focus on your health and self-care, but we do become stronger at it by leaning on our community, staying engaged with a variety of exercise, and facing our challenges and changes together.

Community: Located in the heart of downtown Glen Ellyn, Rise brings members of surrounding communities together on a daily basis to RISE in their health and wellness. No matter how you are starting or where you are coming from, when you walk into the orange doors at 499c Pennsylvania you are welcomed into a community that will support you in your goals. I regularly say in class, “You are always one workout away from a better mood” and we strive daily to find our best selves together at Rise.

Variety: One of the biggest factors in staying committed to your fitness is to find a way to move daily. That doesn’t mean you should move in the same way every day - actually quite the opposite! By offering a variety of classes coached by a team of instructors - Yoga Bootcamp Barre Cycle Strength Pilates Boxing and more - you are able to choose a different way to move every day at Rise. Doing the same kind of workout daily leads to boredom and even worse - injury - so mix it up to stay engaged in your fitness routine.

Challenges: Several times a year we offer Rise Challenges where people commit to prioritizing their health for 6 and 8 week periods. The Rise team provides Challengers with a plan for making small daily changes, a group atmosphere for accountability, a book of healthy recipes, and weekly nutritional meetings to support all areas of wellness. These Rise Challenges regularly support CHANGES in our wellness and while they are never easy, we conquer them one step at a time, with a strong team around us cheering us on!

Whether you’re looking for a new workout home or to just make some changes in your wellness, we’d welcome you at Rise. Visit our class schedule and blog for more info and follow us on Instagram @riseglellyn and Facebook to stay up to date on how we RISE!"

What would you like to see yourself accomplish this year, and how are you going to implement taking steps towards it in your daily life?

Throughout this new year, we hope to see you succeed in all the goals and resolutions you have set for yourself and encourage you in your journey.

~This blog was brought to you by Rise Fitness and S. Donnelly Interiors. Learn more about the interior design project process by following Stephanie Donnelly and her interior design services in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and the surrounding areas!


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